Bingo Dabbers

lucky dot bingo dabberAt Bingo Bingo Supplies we stock a wide range of bingo daubers in different styles and colours, all at the lowest trade prices around. We carry all of the most popular varieties available on the market, including the Lucky Dot, multi coloured markers and a wide range of novelty dabbers to help you stand out from the crowd.


We can also supply bespoke custom bingo dabbers for your promotional events and functions, perfect for advertising your business to bingo lovers!

For more information regarding custom daubers feel free to contact us.

Dabbers or Daubers?

Whether you know them as dabbers, daubers, bingo pens or markers, they are all essentially the same thing – a type of pen designed specifically for playing bingo, with clever features that will enhance your gaming experience.

A Word of Warning

Many a seasoned bingo player will know all too well that it is a common tactic for retailers of felt tip pens to promote them as suitable for using as bingo marker pens. You will often find that these inferior pens are usually a lot cheaper than genuine bingo dabbers – and sometimes sold in big bulk packs.

Do not fall for it!

What you will discover is that the moment you excitedly ‘dab’ your bingo card it will instantly become an unreadable mess, and unfortunately unacceptable, even if you win.

Of course all of the products we stock are 100% genuine bingo dabbers and not just cheap pens that claim to be!

Key Features of our Bingo Pens

  • Free flowing ink for quick dabbing
  • A soft nib or sponge tip so they do not damage the ticket.
  • Easy to use for dabbing, no need to circle, cross or anything else.
  • Water-based, soluble ink that doesn’t stain fingers or clothing.
  • Will not leak all over you.
  • Large and colourful designs making them easy to find and hold while playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do they cost?

A. We sell bingo daubers at some of the most competitive prices you will find online, with 72 units for as little as £0.45p each. Please see our shop listings for the latest prices of the amount that you require.

Q. What is the minimum order amount?

A. As we are wholesalers who cater mainly for the trade market we generally sell in units of 72 or 288. If you need smaller or larger quantities of any of our product ranges feel free to contact us to discuss.

Popular Bingo Dabbers

Below you will find our best selling bingo daubers

Lucky Dot Dabber

45ml dabbers in assorted colour's - red, blue, green & purple

Novelty Bingo Dabbers

Stand out from the crowd - exciting new Range from only 0.45p each