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Raffle Random Number Selector

SelectronMore Details
Machine Features
Raffle: Any start and finish numbers between
0 & 999999.
Automatic non repeat of 500 winning numbers.
Tote: Any start and finish number between 0 & 99.

Size 265 x 110 x 120mm
Weight 1.1kg
Power 250 ma 12vdc

Price: 166.00 £

Sagamatic 2
Sagamatic 2

Quality Electronic Bingo Machine for all your Bingo needs

Sagamatic 2More Details
Size: 230x165x110mm
Weight: 0.9kg
Power: 320ma / 12vdc

Machine Features
Dedicated (102mm) audience display
Delay on number displayed to audience
Last number called flashed on operator matrix display
Total numbers called function
Switch mode power supply

Price: 166.00 £


Quality Electronic Machine latest new range in stock

BingomateMore Details
Size: 300x 280 x 95mm
Weight: 1.3kg
Power: 350ma 9vdc

Display for:
Next number: Total numbers called.
Bingo Games: 1-75, 1-80, 1-90.
Select jackpot number
Recall of all numbers selected.
Retains current game in the event of power failure.
Batteries not required.
Solid segment audience display 58mm (2.3)
Connects to optional 100mm (4.00) external display unit EDU 100.

Price: 194.00 £

Series 5 Bingo / Raffle / Tote
Series 5 Bingo / Raffle / Tote Series 5 Bingo / Raffle / Tote More Details
Next number, last number, total numbers called display windows
Bingo 1-12, 1-75, 1-80, 1-90
Select Jackpot number
Raffle: Any Start and finish numbers between 0 & 999999
Automatic non repeat of 500 winning numbers
Tote: Any start and finish numbers between 0 & 99
Tote: Select Duplicate, or number duplicate numbers
2" High Brightness (50mm) audience display
Internal Memory
Switch Mode Power Display
Size 300 x 280 x 95mm
Weight 1.75kg
Power 350ma 9v DC

Price: 270.00 £

EDU Display Unit
EDU Display Unit

Additional Display Unit Compatible with both Saga 2 and Series 6 Electronic Machines

EDU Display UnitMore Details
Size and Shape as Saga 2 with 4 " high brightness display. This is not a bingo machine and will not work
without a data connection from the saga 2 or series 6
Complete with 5 m data cable and switch mode power adaptor.

Price: 100.00 £

Dartsmate 3 Electronic Darts Scorer
Dartsmate 3 Electronic Darts ScorerDartsmate 3 Electronic Darts ScorerMore Details
Accepts all games to 1001
Recall last 40 scores
Disallows invalid entries
Disallows invalid checkouts
Error correction of last score
Per throw and per dart averages
Practice mode for outshots
LED displays for leg
set and current score
Player indicator LED
Solo play feature
Player addition feature
handicap feature
Random Number Selection (For Raffles/lottery etc 1-999)
Auto Power down without loss of scores
2 Year Warranty
Size 260x190x30mm weight

Price: 89.99 £

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